About Crepey and Caffeine

Welcome to Crepey and Caffeine.  I believe Eleanor Roosevelt put it best when she said, “Beautiful young people are accidents of nature, but beautiful old people are works of art. ” This website will hopefully explore products, techniques, tools and attitudes that will help maintain a level of vitality, as we all age. I like so many others, over the age of 40, I am trying to maintain healthy skin without the use of fillers or botox.  Also aging is so much more than just skin care and makeup, there is grief, empty nesting, weight, body aches, new experiences, celebrations and so much more.

I called it the passionate pursuit of aging gracefully. We are all going to age, but we can choose somewhat of how we want do it. I love to share things I have learned so far and so much more that I will learn. It doesn’t matter the topic, I want to share it.

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