Welcome to Crepey and Caffeine.  No, it is not creepy it is crepey. As in crepey skin as you get older.  This website will hopefully explore products, techniques, tools and attitudes that will help maintain a level of vitality as we all age. I like so many others, over the age of 40, I am trying to maintain healthy skin without the use of fillers or botox.  Most of the products I will be looking at are within a practical price range.  You do have to put some money and effort into skin care and makeup, but not going too extra to do so.

And there is also DIY skin care recipes that work extremely well. I will be exploring some of these as well.  Or combining some products that have great ingredients and go well together to make a great skin care item, at a reasonable cost compared to higher priced items.

Also like it or not as we age we slow down, that is where caffeine comes in for me.  I love my coffee and other drinks for energy (or something like it).  This site will also have recipes for those drinks and may be some reviews of some specialty drinks.