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“Youth To The People was created with one simple mission in mind: what you put on your skin should be as whole, nutrient-rich, and clean as what you put on your body. The precise, custom formulas feature 100 percent vegan ingredients, cold pressed extracts, gentle preservatives, and earth-friendly packaging.” – Youth to the People

This brand’s line contains cleansers, creams, masks and mists (soon a toner) made with superfood and they have the clean seal from Sephora.

Clean seal at Sephora

I wanted to start trying more products with the clean seal and I liked the idea of superfoods in the formulas. The brand also stated that their products are for age prevention skin care. Who doesn’t want all of that?

Superfood Antioxidant Cleanser

Youth to the People - Kale + Green Tea Spinach Vitamins Superfood Cleanser
Youth to the People
Kale + Green Tea Spinach Vitamins (Superfood Cleanser)


This cleanser has vitamins B5, E and C and those are in the top of the list of ingredients. Then we have kale, spinach, green tea and aloe in the product as well. The label really said it all, no surprises here. I love that. The vitamins in this cleanser are exceptional in skin care. I know that these vitamins do absorb into skin quite quickly. I don’t know if the other ingredients stay on the skin long enough to make any difference. But they are clean ingredients so they don’t usually have any adverse affects to most skin types.


This cleanser received the Allure Readers Choice Award and the GQ new product award. I have used this cleanser as part of my double cleanse routine. It only takes a very small amount to wash my whole face, like a nickel size amount. More is not better, it is just more to rinse off. It is a nice cleanser with not a lot of build up if you use the right amount. I can’t really smell a fragrance. It just smells clean.

It takes off all of the makeup or dirt that is on my skin. When I tone after cleansing, I don’t see anything more coming off onto my cotton pad. That is usually my test to see if there is residue or dirt left behind.


Youth to the people Cleanser (above) is sold at Sephora for $36.00 for 8oz or $10.00 for 2oz. I do love the fact that they have a small bottle to try and I love the glass packaging. You can get it in a duo to try, which is wonderful when brands offer this option as well.

I don’t believe I will be repurchasing even though I liked the cleanser, it is just washed down the drain. There are a lot of more cost effective cleansers out there, that do a great job as well. Although, this is a great cleanser for anyone who wants clean ingredients and clean skin.

Youth to the People – Kale + Spinach Green tea Hyaluronic Acid Air- Whip Moisture Cream

Youth to the People - Kale + Spinach Green tea Hyaluronic Acid Air- Whip Moisture Cream
Youth to the People – Kale + Spinach Green tea Hyaluronic Acid Air- Whip Moisture Cream


This moisture cream has the same ingredients as the cleanser, except for the sunflower oil that is the 2nd ingredient on the list. Like I said above, all of the ingredients are great for the skin. This time, however, the moisturizer stays on the skin long enough for the ingredients to penetrate into the skin.


The Air-Whip Moisture Cream is sold at Sephora as well for $48.00 for 2 oz, which is a pricier price point.


This moisture cream has clean ingredients and smells clean, no artificial fragrance. It is really light and melts into the skin. Best of all it works as a primer for my Bare Minerals Make Up and makes it look better on my skin. I haven’t found a primer that makes it look better and last longer. So, I was excited that I decided to try this cream and it works so well as a primer. Yes, I will be repurchasing this product.

I do plan on trying more from this line and trying more with the clean seal from Sephora. It is nice to know what is in a product without have to google every ingredient that you are not sure what it is. I think items in this line would be great for most sensitive skin types.

I hope that more brands in the drugstore will take note and make more products with clean ingredients. These type of products should be available to all at an affordable price.

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